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We work with small, medium or large organisations to help them manage the conflict or critical incidents they and their staff encounter on an all-too-frequent basis.  We provide unique and cutting-edge, face-to-face and eLearning programs, designed to provide practical and real-world relevant strategies for managing aggressive and violent people. 


Programs are divided into four main groups, being ...




























We have tremendous ability to be flexible with program content and can tailor a training packages to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

We include video footage analysis, information on neuroscience, group discussions, syndicate activities and role-plays.  We work with several role-play companies and acting agencies and can provide trained personnel to make your role-plays or full-scale exercises as realistic as possible.

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About TACT

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Developing good communication skills

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Developing effective safety strategies and team skills

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Developing effective self defence and restraint skills


Developing Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

Tony Angus doing some conflict management consultancy and cochin

Assessing a role-play activity

In the meantime, download this FREE INTRODUCTORY MANUAL explaining some of the basic principles for managing aggression.  Then, become a member for more in-depth information, including videos, or visit the CONTACT page to communicate with us.

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To discuss training program options or book your next course, CALL Tony NOW on +61 417 592 200


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“Great Presenter, kept information interesting and easy to understand.  Good examples provided.”



My clients typically have a philosophy of ongoing training and professional development.  They want their staff to be safe and enjoying work the way it's meant to be enjoyed, free from the hassles of aggression and violence.  That's why the relationships I have with my clients often last for many years.

I have worked with, or am currently working with, the above organisations

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