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Redemption Mine

Young girls are being taken from the streets of Melbourne and Victoria Police are swamped. Can Callum Thomas—former homicide detective, recovering alcoholic, and struggling private investigator—put aside his personal demons to find missing seventeen-year-old, Rachel Gallagher, a missing girl identical in looks to Callum’s own deceased daughter? Unable to knock back the case but unsure if he can contain his emotions, Callum must summon all his courage and his special gift for investigation in the hopes that he can find Rachel before it is too late.

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The electrifying new thriller


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Adversary Mine

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In this sequel to the crime thriller, Redemption Mine, embattled Melbourne private investigator, Callum Thomas, has been wrenched from his drunken stupor by long-time friend, Detective Sergeant Greg “Simmo” Simkovic, and set on the quest of locating Tania Moss, the missing sister of a detective from the Victoria Police Organised Crime Squad.

This second novel is currently in the hands of Pegasus Publishing and will hopefully be on the shelves late in 2020/early in 2021.

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