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Tony is a former member of Victoria Police, where he gained valuable experience working in a number of very diverse roles, including uniform patrol, plain clothes drug patrol, crowd control and Close Personal Protection of foreign and domestic VIP's.

The last six years of Tony's career was spent teaching weapons and tactics to police members, where Tony earned a reputation as a trainer of quality.  During this time he gained the knowledge and expertise that allowed him to develop his unique and dynamic brand of training.

Tony's police qualifications are numerous, and include:

  • Close Personal Protection Operative

  • Shotgun Instructor

  • Semi-Automatic Pistol Instructor

  • Revolver Instructor

  • Defensive Tactics Instructor

  • Conflict Management / Tactical Communications Instructor

  • Critical Incident Management Instructor

Former Police Officer

Tony has been studying martial arts since he was a teenager (1981) and has earned black belts in three separate Kenpo styles.  In 1984 Tony moved with his family to the USA where he studied American Kenpo under Dr John La Tourrette, achieving a 1st Degree Black Belt.  Moving back to Victoria in 1987 Tony started his first school, Tiger Claw Kenpo.  Then, in 1994, Tony joined with Oz Kenpo, under the tutelage of Baron John Van Wijk Von Ruth.  He received his 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belts at Oz Kenpo before joining legendary martial arts master and movie star Jeff Speakman under his banner, the AKKS.  This went on to become Kenpo 5.0 of which Tony now owns and operates the Melbourne branch.  Tony has earned himself a 6th Degree Black Belt, which makes him the highest rank in the southern hemisphere.

Tony brings this extensive expertise to the corporate world and has developed training packages for a host of government and non-government organisations.

Martial Artist


In 2017 Tony published his first novel, a fiction titled "Redemption Mine".  This introduces the world to the rough and ready, but slightly emotionally disturbed Callum Thomas, a Melbourne Private Detective with a gift for investigating and a truckload of personal baggage.

In this new thriller, Callum is asked to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a teenage girl, only to learn that she has been kidnapped.  Standard fare for an investigator of Callum's quality until he discovers that the missing girl is the spitting image of Callum's 9-year old deceased daughter, Stacey.  Callum knows that if he is ever going to gain some redemption for failing to save Stacey, the time is now.  But can he overcome his demons?  


Find out by clicking here ...

Tony is currently working on the sequel to this Callum Thomas thriller, "Adversary Mine".  Hopefully this will be on the shelves soon.


Incredible experience, eye-opening, great boost to self confidence in handling a range of physically threatening predicaments.



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