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Look for the "Telling It Like It Is" series on my YouTube channel, "The Conflict Guy".  In it I discuss all things relating to managing conflict, from simple ideas, like the problems associated with being judgemental, to more complex strategies, such as identifying the type of conflict you are facing and the best tactical options for managing that conflict.  I also discuss safety tactics and risk assessment.  To see more, click the YouTube logo at the bottom of the page or this link  ...


Tony Angus on his YouTube channel, The Conflict Guy


Event Safety and Incident Management Training


The Australian government has decided it is now the responsibility of event managers to ensure their venue is safe for visitors and staff ... safe from natural disasters, criminal acts, acts of terrorism and man-made accidents and hazards.  This is going to challenge most event managers, who are experts at putting together wonderful events, but not necessarily at preparing for these incidents.  In collaboration with a friend and associate, ex-police tactics trainer and security expert Neil King, I provide the strategies and tactics required to make safety happen at your event and to prepare for worst case scenarios.

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Managing Substance-Affected Persons


It is a sad reality that there are so many drugs and drug-affected persons in society today.  For the average person these people provide a real challenge, because they are often unpredictable, difficult to communicate with and sometimes even violent.  I provide the tools necessary to understand the nature of substance abuse, to read basic substance-affected behaviour and to respond in an appropriate and safe manner.  I also offer effective team tactics to ensure that the impact of these people on your workplace is minimal.


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Workplace Bullying

Another sad reality is that, despite all of the attention this topics has received over the last two decades, including extensive media coverage, government regulation, social media commentary and funding for bullying awareness organisations and programs, the problem of bullying within the workplace continues to exist.  I provide clarity on the subject of bullying and strategies to prevent from becoming a bully or from being bullied.

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Women's Self Defence

Regardless of what we believe about women's rights to go where they want, wear what they like and engage in whatever activities they choose, there are still predators out there who will cause a woman harm given the opportunity.  For this reason women need to participate in some sort of serious safety training program.  I offer a range of programs, from short introductory workshops, to medium length courses, to ongoing training.

In these courses I provide practical solutions for remaining safe in a variety of environments as well as the physical skills required to extract yourself from an altercation and move to safety.

Tony Angus is a specialist in women's self defence


Fitness and Health

I have always believed in fitness and health and am involved in the world's leading health and wellness Multi-Level Marketing company.  The opportunities this gives me to live life to the fullest and ask my body to perform at higher than expected levels (especially for my age!), makes committing to an MLM very worthwhile, even though I was skeptical at first.  I post my journey through Instagram and work out regularly with people wanting to get fit or lose some weight (or even gain weight, which is what I'm doing.)  If you'd like to know more, get in touch!!

NOTE: There is a lot of fear of MLM's out there, but it's a simple fix ... only do the ones you want to do and, if you're simply not interested in the business side of an MLM, don't do it!!!

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The weight you stripped from me with your killer training still hasn't come back.  Thanks for making me look good and feel good!

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