5 basic modules on offer ...

  1. Emotional Intelligence

  2. Understanding Escalating Behaviour

  3. Risk Assessment

  4. Critical Incident Management, and

  5. Self Defence Legislation

As you can see, the cost of each module depends upon the number of people in your group.  Prices decrease the more people purchase the packages.

Having said that, the price is still very affordable, even if you decide to learn this material as an individual.  Consider how costly it would be to go and do a face-to-face course!

Although we host the content, YOU have complete control of the administration of program.  The system allows you to gather information about how many have completed each module and their assessment results.

There is a demo module available, which allows you to experience the look, sound and feel of the program.  Click on the link to gain access to the site ...

I've done many training courses before, but by far the training I have received today is the best I have ever received.  I strongly recommend the training should be passed on to all staff.  Well Done!

Safe Travel Officer


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